Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Valentine's Day

Valentine's day is one of my favorite holidays, even if it isn't really a holiday! Anyway, this year I don't have a Valentine : (. What does this have to do with Darfur?

Well instead of spending all day on Feb. 14 thinking about how I don't have a Valentine, I decided to do my own little fundraiser. I have been having friends and family collect their spare change for the past few weeks. Throughout the day on Valentine's, I'm going to collect everyone's change and cash it in to send to the Save Darfur fund. In return, everyone who donates will get Valentine's cookies that I make! This way I'll keep busy and it'll be for a good cause! I am going to do a few posts on the people that helped donate and why they did it in the next few weeks, also with an update of how much money I got.

The picture in this post is the change bowl that me and my three other roommates have been contributing to!

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